ART Introduction

EACH New Hampshire attorney in an “Active” Practice Status...
  • Active
  • Limited Active
  • Military Active
  • Honorary Active
...with the New Hampshire Bar Association (NHBA) for six months or more aggregated in the NHMCLE reporting period (between July 1 and June 30 each year) must comply with the requirements of SC Rule 53, UNLESS you qualify as EXEMPT.

Each annual period (July 1 - June 30), those subject to the requirements of SC Rule 53 must earn and report a minimum of

  • 720 minutes (minimum) of NHMCLE-approved credit, including 120 minutes of ethics and/or professionalism

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  • Watch the My Record video:

Attorney’s Role in data entry: The new online ‘Attorney Reporting Tool or ‘ART’, requires that the Attorney self–report NHMCLE Compliance in the online ART system.

The Attorney Username and Password for the ART system are created by the Attorney upon the first entry into the ART system.

Self-reporting requires that the Attorney report course data during the NHMCLE year. The Attorney will also annually certify all courses entered between July 1 to June 30 of the following year that all the courses entered comply with NHMCLE Rule 53.

If the self-reporting Attorney determines that a member of the firm or staff may enter the Attorney’s course data in ART on the attorney’s behalf, the Attorney may so delegate. However, the attorney remains responsible for the evaluation of course compliance, accuracy of data entry and annual certification of NHMCLE course compliance.

  • Watch the New Entry video:
  • Next, go to the ‘New Entry’ tab in the navigation bar
    1. To claim credit for attendance at any NON-NH Bar course:
      • Determine if the course qualifies and meets NHMCLE Rule 53 qualifying criteria
      • New Entry Page: Each attorney is responsible for determining whether a program is eligible for NHMCLE credit, based on the requirements set out in Supreme Court Rule 53 (See the abbreviated criteriaon the New Entry page and FAQ page). Report and enter your qualified course attendance using this CLE Attorney Reporting Tool (ART).
    2. To claim credit for attendance at any NH Bar course:
      • Monitor your courses entered by the NH Bar: If you attended a program offered by the NH Bar Association for NHMCLE credit, it will be directly entered shortly after attendance into your NHMCLE Attorney Reporting Tool. You need to monitor these entries. If you need to make any corrections or changes, you will need to contact the NHBA•CLE Registrar, 603-715-3260.
    3. An Attorney’s ART Responsibility under Rule 53: Attorneys are responsible for the accuracy of their individual online course entries in ART.
      • Attorney’s should enter their course attendance within 30 days of course attendance at the latest and should maintain a file of courses attended for at least 2 years (Rule 53.6).

At the end of the 2018 NHMCLE reporting year, an ART Affidavit of Compliance will be prepared from the attorney’s online ART course entries. Each attorney will be required to attest to the course entries for the July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 NHMCLE Reporting Period.

The NH Bar Association and the NHMCLE Board Administrative Office have developed the online tool for the use of Association members in reporting and tracking continuing legal education activity, The software interfaces with the Association database for credit reporting and therefore NH Bar Association continuing legal education offerings are automatically entered in the NHMCLE Attorney Reporting Tool (ART).

The NHMCLE Rule 53 Program of the New Hampshire Supreme Court should not be confused with the New Hampshire Bar Association's Continuing Legal Education (NHBA•CLE) program of course offerings.